First Thoughts

  • The Mind – A discussion on the basic qualities of a healthy mind and what it will enable a person to do as described in the Qur’an.
  • They are either EXTREMELY SMART OR EXTREMELY IGNORANT – Salim Boss – [Download]
  • Islam: Truth, Virtue and Beauty : Dr. Jaafar Idris -The principles of truth, virtue and beauty. What they mean to Islam and how they should be incorporated into our everyday life.
  • Why Islam? – Dr. Jaafar Idris – another short yet thoughtful piece.
  • Two Ways to Know Allah – Exposition from ibn al-Qayyim illustrating the methodology of the orthodox scholars as relates to knowing Allah.
  • A superb piece of treatise — Why I am Muslim (pdf) — which is almost comprehensive in its coverage of the materials (a bit technical, though). It addresses major points that arise in the areas of Philosophy, Physics, Biology and study of scripture. The author, Ahmed K. Sultan, wrote this when he was a doctoral student in EE. Highly recommended for believer, agnostic and skeptic alike. Retrived from in 2006.
  • Related Essay by the same author: The Non-Science of Intelligent Design.
  • Dr. Bruno Guiderdoni, a French revert and a first-rate Physicist by profession, sheds lights, with deep insight on the interface/compatibility between science and Islam.
  • Who Is The Creator and Atheists are Poletheists ! — Jaafar Idris. Other essays by Jaafar Idris at his site are equally enlightening.
  • Another good treatise on Atheism is here.
  • The Search for the Truth — Salman, the Persian [pdf]. A shorter version is here.
  • The Miraculous Quran — My Path to Islam [pdf]. Jamaal Zarabozo, one of the most prominent English speaking scholars in Islam, recounts, in retrospect, his conversion to Islam.
  • More remarkable accounts of Journey to Islam —
  • A Brief Illustrated Guide To Understanding Islam By a group of editors and scholars. Also in [pdf]. What is Islam (pdf) — a short book by Jamaal Zarabozo summarizing the essence of the message of Islam.
  • Who Wrote The Quran (pdf) – An assessment of the potentially skeptic approaches to this question.
  • Biography Of The Prophet and The Orientalists — By Professor Dr. Mohar Ali. Two volume work of high scholarly standard. Analyzes the remarkable paradigm-shifts and evolution of stances among the orientalists as relates to their theories for denying the truth of Prophethood of Muhammad (peace and blessings from Allah be upon him).
  • Evidences For The Truth Of The Quran (translated into bangla, pdf) Abdur Raheem Green, a British convert, wrote this piece in response to an Economist article. Original (English) article is here (pdf). Some of his audio lectures are available here. Author’s blog is here.
  • Life After Death (Bangla, pdf) – A short piece on the inevitability of the Hereafter.
  • Ten Misconceptions About Islam — From University Of Southern California MSA site.

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